Tip of the Week: Is this title in HeinOnline?

Tip of the Week, Tips and Tricks
Miranda Rosati

A lot of times we get the question, “Is this title available in HeinOnline?” This week’s tip will go over how to determine if a specific title is available in HeinOnline. The method is quick and easy: Use the Catalog Search at the top of the HeinOnline homepage!

At the top right corner of HeinOnline’s homepage (home.heinonline.org), there is a search box labeled “Catalog Search” This search box can be used by anyone, subscriber or not, to search the entire HeinOnline database to determine if a title is included in HeinOnline. 

For example, if we wanted to know if the title, Code of Criminal Procedure, is available in HeinOnline, we would simply type “code of criminal procedure” in the catalog search box found at the top of HeinOnline’s homepage. As with all HeinOnline searching, always use “quotes” to perform a phrase search.

Your search results will look like the following:

From the top of the page, you will see the option to Narrow by Collection, which allows you to limit your results to a specific HeinOnline Collection. 

Next you will see your search results. 

The search is finding the searched terms within a publication title or author of a publication at the title level. Therefore, our search returned 12 results with “Code of Criminal Procedure” in the publication title. You will see that “Code of Criminal Procedure” is highlighted in yellow. The results show HeinOnline coverage, along with the HeinOnline collection the title is found in.

The top result is the title we were looking for. If you are a HeinOnline subscriber, you can click on the title to be taken to that publication in HeinOnline. 

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