Hot Topic News: 1965 Voting Rights Act Faces Scrutiny with Special Focus on Section 5

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In 1965, five months after Bloody Sunday which marked the peak of the American civil rights movement, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Now, the act is under intense scrutiny as Supreme Court Justices consider the challenges to the Act brought forth by Alabama’s Shelby County.  In the case of Shelby County v. Holder, Shelby County is questioning the need for Section 5 of the Act, which is the provision that requires nine mostly Southern states and some jurisdictions in seven other states to get approval from the Justice Department, known as “preclearance”, before making any changes to their voting laws.

Take a look at Google News to find links to various articles and discussions regarding this latest controversy,  Or, head over to the Supreme Court of the United States Blog (SCOTUSblog) for details and information related to the case.

Also, check out HeinOnline for a number of resources related to this hot topic including the text of the public law from the U.S. Statutes at Large, more than 1035 articles that cite the public law, a full-text legislative history of the Act, and much more.  Use the links below to explore the resources in HeinOnline.

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