March Trivia Contest Winner

Where in the World is Hein
Miranda Rosati

Congratulations to our March HeinOnline Trivia Contest Winner:

Catherine Cotter
University of New Brunswick

Catherine Cotter submitted the correct answers to the following trivia questions:
1. What is Ronald Dworkin’s Most-Cited Article in HeinOnline?
Hard Cases, 88 Harv. L. Rev. 1057 (1974-1975). Cited 376 times.

2. Name 1 of the top 3 things every researcher should know when researching in HeinOnline’s US Congressional Documents.
(1) Using the Daily to Bound Locator Tool to quickly pull up a page from the Daily edition in the Bound edition and vice versa.
(2) Using the Congressional Hearings Quick Finder to locate a hearing from Covington & Burling’s prestigious collection.
(3) Searching for a bill in the History of Bills and Resolutions in the Daily and Bound Volumes.

3. Name a librarian interviewed in Spinelli’s An Oral History of Law Librarianship.
The first release included Rhea Ballard-Thrower, Leah Chanin, Penny Hazelton, Kate Martin, Sarah Mauldin, Judy Meadows, and Kay Todd.

Catherine will receive a Where in the World is Hein tshirt for submitting the correct answers to the above trivia questions and winning our drawing.

Stay tuned for next month’s contest.

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