Tip of the Week: How to Search the Supplement Volumes of the US Code to Determine if Changes Were Made Since the Last Bound Volume

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Do you have a specific provision from within the U.S. Code, but you are not sure what updates or changes, if any, have been made to the provision? This tip explores how to search the supplement volumes of the U.S. Code to identify any changes to the provision since the last bound volume was published.

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For our example, we want to determine if any amendments, changes or updates have been made to 21 USC 355a, the Pediatric Studies of Drugs, since the 2006 edition of the US Code was published. To determine this, we can search across the supplement volumes of the US Code that were published after 2006.

The supplement volumes of the US Code in HeinOnline have all been assigned a volseries field. Within that field we include the volume details for the supplement, such as Supplement IV, Volume 3 (January 4, 2007-January 7, 2011). This hint will allow us to search across the volseries field for the term supplement to narrow our search to just the supplement volumes. To search the volseries field, you must use the Advanced Search option.

From the advanced search screen insert the following search string:

volseries:supplement AND title_num:21 AND text:355a

Now, narrow the search to 2007-2013 in the date fields. The last bound volume was published in 2006, so we want to focus on the supplements published after 2006.

Click search.

This returns five results, all of which are supplement volumes to the 2006 Edition. Now, use the View Matching Text Pages link to link to the pages within the supplement volumes where any updates, amendments or changes to 355a are noted.

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