New Feature: Use QR Codes on Your Smartphone or Tablet to Quickly View a Document in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

QR (quick response) codes are mobile-device readable barcodes. They're used for encoding information in two-dimensional space, such as in a magazine or on a web page, and they are now available to make the HeinOnline document retrieval system even faster and easier. Click here for an informative video about QR codes, their uses, and the free QR code readers available for your mobile device.

If you have QR code-decoding software on your HeinOnline-authenticated smartphone or tablet, you can now quickly point the camera of your device at the HeinOnline Print/Download Options screen, and the document will be available to you instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Remember that your device will have to be authenticated to HeinOnline via username and password or IP address recognition.