Use the Search Query Function in HeinOnline to Follow a Certain Author's Work

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Shannon Sabo

Are you following someone’s legal research, or do you want to know when your own articles are available in HeinOnline? You can use the saved search query function in HeinOnline to help you keep track of this information.

In order to be alerted when certain authors’ articles have been published or added to HeinOnline, you will first need to set up or enter your MyHein account (detailed instructions available here). The MyHein tab is located inside any HeinOnline collection toward the top of the page.

Next, from the Law Journal Library, click the Search tab, then choose Field Search. In the Author/Creator field, enter the name of the author (no quotation marks), and then click Search.

After clicking Search, your results will appear.

To set up the search query alert, scroll to the end of the first page of results. You will see a bar that defaults to “Save to MyHein Bookmarks.” Using the pull down feature, change this to “Save to MyHein Search Queries” and click the Save/Email button. At this point, a yellow box will appear, giving you the opportunity to adjust the search query’s tag, if desired. Finally, click “Enter into Research”.

Once you have set up one or more search queries, you will receive e-mail alerts when new material specific to the parameters of your search query becomes available. E-mail alerts are sent monthly, after each content release. The e-mail will be sent to the address established in your MyHein account.

You can manage your queries by clicking on “Search Queries” in the MyHein tab. This will pull up your saved search queries and enable you to edit the tag, delete the query, or add notes.


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