New Option Available for e-TOC Alerts!

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Shannon Furtak

If you're already taking advantage of or you plan to set up HeinOnline branding, we have a new enhancement available that will increase the functionality of the e-TOC alerts currently available to users of the MyHein feature in HeinOnline.

If you use a proxy and provide us the prefix and (if necessary) the suffix to your proxy URL on your branding request, we can create proxy links in e-TOC alert e-mails. This will enable users accessing remotely via a proxy server to simply click on the link to access the material, instead of being redirected to the HeinOnline login page. The e-mail received containing the e-TOC alerts would now look like this:

The direct link will work from any IP authenticated system, whereas the proxy link will work when the user is off-campus and logged into the school’s network via a proxy server.

In order to receive e-mails including the proxy links, a user would need to set up their e-TOC alerts via a properly-branded HeinOnline account. Click here for a brochure detailing the HeinOnline branding service or here to access the MyHein user's guide, which explains in detail how to set up e-TOC alerts.

We would like to thank Alan Keely of Wake Forest University for this suggestion. As always, we are grateful for customer feedback!