Update to Subcollection Lists on Welcome Page

Customer Suggestion, Enhancements, Miscellaneous, What's New
Shannon Furtak

Thanks to additional customer suggestions, we have improved upon the subcollection feature now available on the HeinOnline welcome page. From the list of Subscribed Libraries, main collections can be expanded to show any resident subcollections, thus making it faster and easier to navigate to a specific section of the library.

Any collection that has available subcollections will be noted with a plus sign:

If you click on the collection, it will expand to reveal available quick-linked subcollections:

From here, click on the subcollection that best suits your needs. The “All Titles” option will take you into the full collection:

Please note that clicking on any HeinOnline library that does not have subcollections will continue to take you directly into the library.

Thanks to Joe Orth and Raquel Ortiz for suggesting these improvements!