Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Searching in HeinOnline

Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline offers the ability to perform several different types of searches both inside individual collections and across all of an organization’s subscribed libraries via the one-box search tool on the Welcome Page.


Q: How would I find information on a certain topic?

A: Let’s say you’re tasked with finding law review articles about implementation of the Affordable Care Act. You can do a search across all collections from the one-box search tool located above the list of Subscribed Libraries for “affordable care act” AND implement*. Note that the phrase “affordable care act” must use quotation marks, as do all phrases for which you are searching in HeinOnline. The * after implement* is a wildcard indicator, so your search will find all variations of implement: implementation, implementing, and so forth.

This search will generate over 4,000 results. To narrow to articles in the Law Journal Library, you can use the facets at the left side of the page:



If desired, you can also narrow your results to a date range from these facets as well.

Alternatively, you can enter the Law Journal Library first, and then perform the same search from the Advanced Search tool, found both on the Law Journal Library homepage and inside the Search tab:


Selecting Advanced Search will bring you here:


From here, you can review your results and decide whether to narrow your search by adding additional terms, phrases, etc.

Q: I know the title or author of the article I need. What’s the best way to find the article?

A: Click into the Law Journal Library, and the collection homepage displays a quick search box.  If you’re looking for the article “Unlocking the Genome: The Legal Case against Genetic Diagnostic Patents,” you can do this:


The article you need will, in this case, be the only result. There is also a Field Search option found via the Search tab, just like Advanced Search. If you open the Field Search option, you will be able to enter more than one item (such as an author name and an article title) and you will also be able to select one or more titles to search if desired.

Q: How do I know if a title is included in HeinOnline? Also, how do I know the collection in which a title is located?

A: On the Welcome Page, there is a Catalog Search tool on the right side of the page. If you are looking for Congressional Record, simply change the drop-down menu to Publication Title and enter the title in the search box.


Because the words Congressional Record appear in several titles, you’ll receive 9 results. The first result is the actual Congressional Record, and you’ll see that it appears in the U.S. Congressional Documents collection.


Inside each HeinOnline collection is a Catalog Search tab, which allows you to perform a catalog search like this one within any library.

Q: I have a citation. Is there a way to use that citation to find what I need?

A: Many collections in HeinOnline offer a Citation Navigator feature; also, HeinOnline uses Bluebook citation format.

For example, if you need 148 Cong. Rec. 10265, you would begin by entering the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection. Once you do this, you’ll see several tabs across the page, the third one being Citation Navigator. Click it, and you’ll see this:


From here, you would enter 148 in the Vol. box, and 10265 in the Page box. You can use the drop-down menu to select your title.

We have two excellent and detailed brochures on basic searching and advanced search syntax guidelines available that provide additional explanations and tips about searching in HeinOnline. If you have questions about searching, you can always chat us, e-mail us at, or call (800) 277-6995.

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