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World Constitutions Illustrated
Jackie Stanley

As announced last month, we will be posting monthly updates to our World Constitutions Illustrated Library here, on our blog. Previously these were announced via e-mail. We will continue to send quarterly e-mail updates regarding new documents, new titles, and new linking in the World Constitutions Illustrated library.

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In February, 79 new documents and more than 40 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.

New Documents

Following are the new documents added this month:


Palacio Quemado

  • The Spanish text of Law No. 381 of 20 May 2013, which determines the normative application of four constitutional precepts in the current Constitution of 2009


  • The Constitution of 1980 as codified in 2005 was amended again by Law No. 20.725 of 31 January 2014. Included is the text of the amending law in Spanish from the Library of the National Congress and from the Official Gazette, and the consolidated text of the Library. We have updated our own current/latest translation correspondingly.


  • The English translation of the final original text of the new Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt of 2014.


  • 58 documents have been added to the Ireland collection this month. The consolidated diglot English/Gaelic text to the 33rd Amendment has now been made available by the Stationery Office. Additional texts of the Constitution of 1922 and the Republic of Ireland Act of 1948 were also included, along with a complete collection of the amending laws to the 1922 and 1937 constitutions, all in English and in Gaelic where made available.


  • The Constitution of 1917 was amended again by two amending laws, one published in the Diario Oficial of 7 February, and one of 10 February. The Spanish consolidation of the Electoral Tribunal of the first, and in three editions of the second, have been included


Tunisian Chamber of Deputies

  • The Constitution of 1986/7 as amended by Law No. 854 of 29 January 2014, which entered into force on its publication in La Gaceta of 10 February 2014.


  • The Spanish texts of certain constitutional enactments of 1840 and 1841, as compiled into a single presentation buy the Supreme Tribunal of Electoral Justice. These form a normative bridge between the Declarations of the General Congress of 1816 and the Decrees of the Sovereign Congress of 1842.


  • Seven editions of the new Constitution of 2014 have been included: three in Arabic, one English translation, and three French translations.


New Titles

Following are notable new titles available this month:

  • 4 Volume Set – Works of Sir William Temple Bart (1757)
  • 2 Volume Set  – Historicall Discourse of the Uniformity of the Government of England (1647-1651)  – Nath. Bacon
  • 2 Volume Set  –  Theorie des Garanties Constitutionnelles (1838) – A. Cherbuliez
  • 2 Volume Set  –  Power of the Pope during the Middle Ages; or, an Historical Inquiry into the Origin of the Temporal Power of the Holy See (1853 ) – Jean Edme August Gosselin, Matthew Kelly, Translator
  • Parallels between the Constitution and Constitutional History of England and Hungary (1850)  –  J. Toulmin Smith
  • Mirror of Modern Democracy: A History of the Democratic Party, from Its Organization in 1825, to Its Last Great Achievement, the Rebellion of 1861 (1864 )  –  William D. Jones

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