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We've received some inquiries recently about finding a list of titles or parts in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Here are some quick tips for browsing and researching in the collection.

To begin, click on the Code of Federal Regulations library from your welcome screen.  You will get a search page as follows:

CFR main page

Under the Title/Part/Section Quick Locator, choose a year.

After you've selected a year, the title menu will give you a list of titles for that year.  If you choose a title, a button will appear, "Go to Title."  From here you may click on that button and bring up an entire list of Parts for that topic and year.  This is great for browsing if you know the general topic and year, but do not know the specific Part you are searching for.

got to title button

If you have more information, you may select the Part number for a list of subtopics for the particular Title.

part final

If you select a Part number, a new button, "Go to Part," will appear.  Click this to browse a list of Parts.

part button

Finally, if you do have the specific Section number, you may enter it and click "Find Section."

section final

Alternatively, if you already have the Year, Title, Part and Section numbers, you can use the CFR Citation Locator to enter this information for quick access directly to the information you are searching for.

citation locator final

Additionally, you can browse using our sidebar, where you can browse the Code of Federal Regulations by bindings, years and titles.

Browse by CFR

For additional information on our Code of Federal Regulations library,  please visit our help page where you can review the Code of Federal Regulations  library help page, including our Code of Federal Regulations Quick Reference Guide. Need more help?  Contact us via chat, email us at , call us at (800) 277-6995 or request a group training session.