Creating Permanent Links to HeinOnline Libraries, Titles and Specific Pages

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Shannon Furtak

It’s easy to create permanent links to HeinOnline libraries, titles, and even a specific page of a document for cataloging, researching and referencing purposes.

Creating Links for HeinOnline Libraries

To create a link for a HeinOnline library, right-click on the collection from the list of subscribed libraries on the Welcome Screen and choose Copy Link Location in Firefox, Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer, Copy Link Address in Chrome, or Copy Link in Safari, and then paste the link accordingly. It’s also possible to copy the link from the address bar from any collection’s homepage; for example, the U.S. Code:

Creating Links to HeinOnline Titles

There are a few different places from which to obtain the the URL to a title in HeinOnline. From any of these locations, right-click on the title and choose the browser-appropriate link copying tool.  If you perform a Catalog Search for Yale Journal of International Law, use the title from the result to obtain the link:


This same process works from the alphabetical list of titles available from any collection’s homepage:

If you are already inside the title, right-click on the title name from the navigation trail:


Creating Links to Specific HeinOnline Pages

Finally, to obtain a permalink for a specific page in HeinOnline, use the permalink button located in the toolbar above any HeinOnline image:

Clicking the permalink tool will open the box shown above, from which you can copy and paste the full URL of any page in HeinOnline.

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