MILESTONE: HeinOnline's Law Journal Library Now Contains over 2,000 Journals!

FAQ, Law Journal Library
Shannon Furtak

When launched in May of 2000, HeinOnline contained fewer than 30 law journals! We have come a long way since then, and we are pleased to share our accomplishments with our valued customers!

Important Information about HeinOnline's Law Journal Library:

  • Contains over 2,000 journals
  • Has more than 27 million pages and over 1.4 million articles
  • Every journal in HeinOnline is available back to its inception
  • 92.5% of the journal titles are available through the most current issue or volume
  • 7.5% of the journals have an embargo of one volume or greater
  • For this small percentage of journals, indexing is provided through the most current issue to aid in discoverability of the material and links to the content on the publisher's websites are included when available
  • Through HeinOnline Branding, libraries are able to link to some of these titles through their online catalog or via OpenURL Linking to other online subscriptions
  • HeinOnline's law journal coverage extends well beyond the United States; currently,  nearly 700 international journals published in more than 40 countries are included in the database

HeinOnline offers several unique features, including ScholarCheck, which allows you to easily link to articles that cite the article you're reading and to sort search results by number of times cited. Look for the ScholarCheck icon to make use of this valuable resource:


The Most Cited Page, available from the Browse Options in the Law Journal Library, offers a list of the most cited authors, articles and journals; this list is the result of a Bluebook citation analysis and is refreshed on a monthly basis. Change the sorting of the list by clicking the desired category:

Citation Navigator

HeinOnline and the majority of the legal community use Bluebook citation format for all document citations. If you are unsure of the exact citation, this information can be obtained from the Find Bluebook Citation tool in the Citation Navigator tabs on the Welcome Page or inside the Law Journal Library. The Citation Navigator from the Welcome Page will find any Bluebook citation available in HeinOnline; the tool inside the Law Journal Library allows the user to go directly to any article in HeinOnline.

Welcome Page

Law Journal Library Homepage


HeinOnline also offers advanced searching options, including searching by journal article title, author and citation or searching in the full text. If you subscribe to the Index of Foreign Legal Periodicalsa parallel search of this title is automatically performed when you search inside the Law Journal Library. You will then have the option to view the results from IFLP  in addition to those  from the Law Journal Library. Search results can be narrowed using facets on the left side of the screen, allowing users to select date(s), specific collections, subjects and more:

Personal Bookmarking

MyHein is a feature unique to HeinOnline that enables individual users to bookmark articles, save search queries, and share research with classmates or colleagues. Through MyHein, the user can also set up e-TOC alerts to receive an e-mail every time a selected title is updated.

Access to Case Law

Recently, HeinOnline partnered with Fastcase to provide access to case law for all HeinOnline Core subscribers at no additional cost! This partnership was awarded the prestigious 2014 AALL New Product of the Year, which "recognizes new legal information products that enhance or improve existing law library services or procedures."  HeinOnline users can enter case citations into the Fastcase tab on the welcome page or from inside the Law Journal Library; cases are also accessible via inline linking from the text of documents in HeinOnline:

From the Welcome Screen:

From inside the Law Journal Library:


If you have any questions, our dedicated support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. ET via Live Chat or at (800) 277-6995 or