NOW AVAILABLE: Fastcase/HeinOnline Account Synchronization and Fastcase Premium!

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Shannon Furtak

As most of you know, HeinOnline partnered with Fastcase  to release Case Law Powered by Fastcase in December of 2013, which provides access to case law for HeinOnline Core subscribers at no additional cost! This partnership is the winner of the 2014 AALL New Product of the Year Award and has been extremely well-received by our customers.

This partnership has recently been enhanced: users who subscribe to both HeinOnline and Fastcase now have the ability to synchronize their accounts and take advantage of additional features of case law powered by Fastcase via HeinOnline, again at no additional charge! If you're not a Fastcase subscriber, you will also have the ability to access these features by upgrading your subscription to Fastcase Premium. Contact your sales representative or our Marketing Department for details.

In order to synchronize your existing accounts from HeinOnline, click on the Fastcase tab from the Welcome Page and click the link below the search box:

Or, from inside any collection, click the Fastcase tab and then use the link below the citation boxes:

Next, click either the link to login with your Fastcase username and password, OR select the link for Fastcase users with IP authentication or single sign-on:

Enter your username and password or click the link to be directed to Fastcase to obtain your user token. Alternatively, from Fastcase's page, click Options and then User Token. You can then copy and paste the user token into the appropriate box to synchronize your accounts.

With a joint subscription to HeinOnline and Fastcase, you will have access to the following features, in addition to all features offered free via Fastcase Basic (included with all HeinOnline Core subscriptions):

Fastcase will now appear in the list of available HeinOnline collections:

Clicking Fastcase will open an advanced search tool, enabling the user to search full text and metadata of all Fastcase case law:

Searching across all subscribed collections in HeinOnline will now reveal case law in the results, and a Cases facet is available in the left panel, which enables the user to narrow results to case law only:

Additionally, HeinOnline's ScholarCheck feature is enhanced. With Fastcase Basic, users can view the articles that cite a case from the first page of any case; with the joint subscription or upgrade to Fastcase Premium, the ScholarCheck tool will show both articles and cases that cite the current case:

Fastcase Basic

Joint Subscription/Fastcase Premium

When searching in the Law Journal Library, law review articles will also show how many cases cite the current article in addition to articles that cite the current article:

The Negative Treatment Indicator, which displays a red flag when a case has been potentially overturned or reversed, becomes a link when accounts are synchronized or upgraded. This link will display a list of the cases that have treated the current case negatively:

If you are not a current Fastcase subscriber and would like to upgrade your subscription to Fastcase Premium, please contact our Marketing Department at or (800) 828-7571.

If you have questions about synchronizing your accounts or using case law powered by Fastcase in HeinOnline, please check out the Fastcase Quick Reference Guide or contact HeinOnline Support at, (800) 277-6995, or via Live Chat.