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Shannon Furtak

Did you know that HeinOnline contains complete coverage of the United States Code? Users can browse the U.S. Code by edition or title, download searchable PDFs, or use the U.S. Code Citation Search Tool to easily locate a specific title/section of the code.

New editions of the U.S. Code are issued every six years, with annual supplement volumes released each year in between editions. For example, the 2006 Edition of the code was published, and then five subsequent supplement volumes were issued:


Supplement I was published in 2007, Supplement II in 2008, Supplement III in 2009, Supplement IV in 2010, and Supplement V in 2011; then, the 2012 Edition was compiled and its supplementation started in 2013. Prior editions also follow this pattern.

Thanks to a great suggestion from Debbie Shrager from the George Mason University School of Law Library, we have now made it easier to properly cite United States Code Supplements. Previously, only the coverage dates were listed next to each supplement volume in the U.S. Code. Debbie pointed out that the preferred Bluebook citation method references the year on the spine of the volume instead of the coverage dates or the date on the title page. We have now added the date from the spine of each supplement volume to the corresponding  listings in HeinOnline:

Example: 1982 Edition

An example of a proper Bluebook citation for a U.S. Code Supplement is:

                        18 U.S.C. § 510(b) (Supp. I 1983)

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