September HeinOnline Enhancements: We’ve Been Busy!

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Shannon Furtak

September is a month for new enhancements in HeinOnline, many of which were suggested by our customers! We take our customers’ feedback very seriously and appreciate all suggestions that we receive. Click the Feedback Button from the top right side of any screen in HeinOnline to tell us what you’d like to see happen in HeinOnline!

This month, we are pleased to announce that these new features are now available:

1. Print/Download Multiple Page Ranges At the Same Time

Thanks to a great suggestion we received from a customer at AALL this year, we have implemented the ability to download more than one page range at a time from the print/download area in HeinOnline. Under Print Custom Page Range, click Add another page range to select the page ranges; when finished, click Print/Download All:

In order to utilize this function, pop-up blockers must be disabled. Chrome users will have to click Show All Downloads in order to see all downloaded PDFs:

2. Re-Order MyHein Bookmark Tags

Is your MyHein account full of different tags containing bookmarks for various topics or research projects? Previously, these tags defaulted to alphabetical arrangement and users could not change the order of the tags. We have now made these tags adjustable, so the user can arrange them based on their preference.

Click on and drag the indicator next to the tag to change their arrangement:

A yellow-highlighted message will appear indicating the order has been changed:

The MyHein account will hold the new order until the user changes it again.

Thank you to Rich Leiter from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for this great suggestion!

3. Internal Revenue Bulletin Browse-By Option Added in Taxation and Economic Reform in America Parts I & II

Thanks to another customer suggestion, users can now easily access the Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin and the Internal Revenue Weekly Bulletin Cumulation by clicking the Internal Revenue Bulletin link from the blue browse option box:

4. Search for Multilateral or Bilateral Treaties in the United Nations Law Collection

Using the Treaty Search Tool has never been more effective! In addition to searching for treaties using the available categories, users can now narrow their results to either Bilateral or Multilateral treaties by clicking these new indicators, suggested by one of our customers who frequently uses HeinOnline for treaty research:

5. USITC Document Number Locator Added to U.S. International Trade Library

Enter the U.S. International Trade Library and click USITC Publications from the blue browse option box. Enter the publication number and click Get This Publication to easily locate any USITC publication.

Watch for more new features to be announced next week!

If you have questions about any of these enhancements, please contact our support team at, (800) 277-6995, or via Live Chat.