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Shannon Furtak

Congressional Committee Prints are publications issued by Congressional committees that pertain to their legislative or research activities as well as other matters – such as memorial tributes. The prints contain statistical and historical information and are an excellent resource for researchers analyzing legislative history or legislative intent. Categories of these Committee Prints include draft reports and bills, directories, statistical materials, investigative and historical reports, situational studies, confidential staff reports, hearings, and legislative analyses. Procedures for publishing these prints differ with each committee, and formatting isn't uniform. Also, these prints are not part of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, as documents in the Serial Set come from the Senate and House of Representatives as a whole. The numbering system and publication histories of these prints are inconsistent; while the Senate has a system for numbering its Committee Prints, the House does not.

HeinOnline has added hundreds of Committee Prints to its U.S. Congressional Documents collection; currently, this subcollection contains over 850 titles and more than 200,000 pages! To access these prints, click on the Committee Prints link under the Browse-by options:

Use the Committee Prints Quick Finder to select a specific Congress, chamber, or committee. You can also search the full text of these prints:

For example, a text search for all Committee Prints from the 110th Congress containing the phrase "department of education" will produce these results. As with any search in HeinOnline, click View Matching Text Pages to see sections of text where the search terms occur:

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