New Feature: Change your Default Collection Display!

Enhancements, What's New
Shannon Furtak

We have added the ability to change your HeinOnline default collection display on the Welcome Page from Collection Name to Collection Type. Currently, most users' lists of available collections use the Collection Name default, which lists the Law Journal Library first and then all other collections in alphabetical order:

The display can be changed temporarily by clicking the Collection Type tab, which will then list the collections by category. Categories include Canada, Case Law, Current Content Journals, Foreign and International Law, International Treaties and Agreements, Organizations, Periodicals, Special Collections, U.S.-Federal, U.S.-State, and United Kingdom.

We have now implemented the ability to set accounts to default to the Collection Type display. This can be done via HeinOnline Branding:

If your account is already branded, simply e-mail HeinOnline Support and we can change your display. Please note that the default display will be changed for all users of your HeinOnline subscription.

For more information on HeinOnline Branding, view the detailed brochure. If you have any questions about this feature, please contact HeinOnline Support via e-mail, Live Chat, or at (800) 277-6995.