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Content News, Enhancements, World Treaty Library
Shannon Sabo

In our never-ending quest to make HeinOnline your go-to source for legal research, we have made several improvements recently, including interface enhancements and content additions. Most notably, we've released our World Treaty Library, the most comprehensive database available today for treaty research. Check out the American Association of Law Libraries' blog post evaluating this collection, which states: "…this makes treaty research so much easier, that I will need to update Vanderbilt's Treaty Research Guide to reflect that HeinOnline has solved the problem of having to search one place for treaties to which the U.S. is a party and another for non-U.S. treaties."

This year, we added the Collection Type tab to the Welcome Page, enabling users to view all HeinOnline collections by category, such as Case Law and Foreign & International Law. Boston College discusses the benefits of this feature here. This month, we added the ability to set the Collection Type view as an account default via HeinOnline Branding.

The HeinOnline App continues to be an important tool for legal reasearch on-the-go, as mentioned by Information Today's piece about mobile legal research services. If you haven't downloaded the app, visit the Apple App Store today to start taking advantage of this free app!

Remember, many enhancements that we make come from you, our valued customers. Submit feedback to us anytime!