HeinOnline Year in Review

Content News, Enhancements
Shannon Sabo

It's difficult to believe that 2014 is almost over! HeinOnline has had a phenomenal year in terms of content additions, interface enhancements, and recognition from our peers in the legal community and the Western New York area.

New Content

Case Law Now Available in HeinOnline

Early in 2014, we introduced case law powered by Fastcase to all HeinOnline Core subscribers free of charge! This partnership earned Hein and Fastcase the 2014 AALL New Product Award; in June 2014, the partnership was enhanced with the addition of Fastcase Premium, which enabled users to synchronize existing Fastcase and HeinOnline subscriptions or to upgrade their subscription to take advantage of additional features of Fastcase in HeinOnline. Check out this Quick Reference Guide to learn more about case law in HeinOnline and to ensure your library's users are getting the most from this fantastic resource.

World Treaty Library

In October, we released the World Treaty Library, a monumental collection of treaties and major treaty indexes, including Rohn, Dumont, Martens, Bevans, United States Treaties and Agreements and UN Treaty Publications. The American Association of Law Libraries blogged that "this makes treaty research so much easier, that I will need to update Vanderbilt's Treaty Research Guide to reflect that HeinOnline has solved the problem of having to search one place for treaties to which the U.S. is a party and another for non-U.S. treaties."

Other New Content

Other new collections include Women and the Law and State Reports: A Historical Archive; also, the Tax Foundation Archive Publications collection is now part of all subscriptions to Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II.

We have also added substantial content to all existing collections. Here are some highlights:

Interface Enhancements

We implemented several new features in the HeinOnline interface. Major updates include:

  • A universal citation navigator, advanced search options for both the full-text and catalog search tabs, and access to MyHein and Fastcase were added to the Welcome Page search tool.
  • The option to sort subscribed collections by collection type was added to the Welcome Page; we recently made it possible to default your library's collection view to this display!
  • Hein's ScholarCheck has been enhanced in several ways this year. Users can now view the number of times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period; the option to sort search results by this measure has also been implemented. The cumulative number of times an author has been cited can be viewed in parentheses next to each author's name in search results. Lastly, users with access to the features of Fastcase Premium can view and sort search results by the number of times cited by cases; when looking at case law, the number of times the current case has been cited by other cases will also appear.
  • The U.S. Code has been programmatically indexed to the section level, and the Citation Locator tool's functionality has been significantly improved. Check out this blog post that describes this enhancement in detail!
  • Print/Download options now include the ability to download multiple pages ranges at the same time.
  • Users of the U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals collection can now browse documents by agency.
  • We added a USITC document number locator to the U.S. International Trade Library.
  • Subscribers of Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals can use their MyHein account to set up subject alerts, which will send an e-mail when new material pertaining to their subject is indexed by IFLP.
  • All users can take advantage of the new multi-page view available by clicking the window icon from inside any document in HeinOnline.
  • The option to search exclusively for either multilateral or bilateral treaties was added to the United Nations Law Collection.
  • Users who set up MyHein accounts can now rearrange bookmark tags and bookmark cases from Fastcase. When using a properly branded account, e-TOC alerts now have the option of containing proxy prefixes/suffixes for easy access to their material from off-campus.

Hein in the News

The Hein Company was recognized locally as one of Buffalo's Top Workplaces in 2014. HeinOnline was featured in this article from the February 2014 issue of the AALL Spectrum, where Joe Gerken described the origins and success of HeinOnline. The HeinOnline App has repeatedly been featured on technology websites as one of the best mobile tools for legal research. Our most-recently released collection, the World Treaty Library, has received positive feedback from multiple sources, including the previously mentioned AALL blog post.

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We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, and we look forward to exciting things to come in 2015!