American Law Institute Library Reorganization

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Shannon Furtak

Check out the new layout of the American Law Institute Library in HeinOnline! This collection features the publications of the "most prestigious legal group in the United States," according to retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at the May 2002 ALI Annual Meeting. The Institute is composed of lawyers, judges, and law professors; it drafts, discusses, revises, and publishes the Restatements of the Law, model statutes, and principles of law that are enormously influential in the courts, legislatures, legal scholarship, and education.

This collection contains ALI Annual Reports, Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings, ALI Reporter, Restatements of the Law, ALI-ABA Publications, Uniform Commercial Code, and much more.

In the past, the collection was organized according to the Guide to the American Law Institute Microfiche Publications, which made sense at the time this library was created. However, we have updated its format to match that of most other HeinOnline collections, enabling users to easily browse the library by publication category:

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*Content of the Restatements of the Law has a 6-month delay.