NOW AVAILABLE: ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has teamed up with the American Bar Association to offer unprecedented electronic access to the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, formerly known as the ABA Package Plan.

Ultimately, subscribers to this package who also have HeinOnline's Law Journal Library will have access to a complete archive of more than 100 periodicals, 45 of which were previously available only to members. Impressively, these 45 publications will be available by the end of February 2015 as full-color PDFs! Customers who do not currently have access to the Law Journal Library and subscribe to only the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals will receive access to the most current material, but not the archives.

Currently, subscribers have access to many American Bar Association publications in HeinOnline; however, the most current volumes are embargoed. By adding the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals to your HeinOnline subscription, the embargoes will be lifted and the most current material will be accessible in HeinOnline's user-friendly and fully-searchable interface. Access this collection by choosing it from the list of available libraries:

Expand any title to view the available content by clicking the + next to the title:

To see exactly what is available with the addition of this collection to your HeinOnline subscription, view our detailed brochure.  If you commit to a subscription now, you'll receive access for the remainder of January and all of February free of charge!

If you have questions about this new partnership, contact your sales representative or our Marketing Department for more details and to take advantage of this great offer! For help using the HeinOnline interface or for general searching, contact HeinOnline Support at (800) 277-6995, or via e-mail or LiveChat.