HeinOnline Libraries Continue to Grow

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Jackie Stanley

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When HeinOnline first begin in 2000, early institutional subscribers saw the value that online page-images brought to the legal research community and encouraged Hein to add content beyond the scope of historical legal periodicals.

As a result, Hein expanded its initial goal and HeinOnline now delivers more and more content that is needed by today’s legal researchers. Today, HeinOnline contains more than fifty library modules, and subscribers in more than 175 countries enjoy online access to more than 100 million pages of legal research material that in many instances is only available online in HeinOnline.

The true value of a HeinOnline subscription is not only in the exact page images in a searchable PDF format. The true value of HeinOnline is that it continues to grow. We are constantly searching for relevant and needed material to add to HeinOnline, further enhancing the value of a subscription.

We have already added 2,093,330 pages in 2015! 

In 2014 alone, 14,746,270 pages were added to HeinOnline.
Notable content additions include:

In addition to adding content to existing HeinOnline libraries, we are also creating brand new collections that can further enhance any legal research collection.

Our newest collection, ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, has digitized the ABA Package Plan (print) collection which consisted of 54 periodicals.  The HeinOnline version adds 44 new periodicals, which were previously only available to ABA section members.

We released the following new a-la-carte libraries in 2014 & 2015:

HeinOnline will continue to grow with the support of our loyal customers and friends in the Law Library community. We would like to thank everyone who has helped HeinOnline evolve to what it has become today.

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