ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals: Current and in Color!

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Shannon Furtak

Earlier this year, we introduced the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals (formerly known as the ABA Package Plan) to HeinOnline. This new collection digitizes both the archives and current material contained in this package, making these titles available electronically exclusively in HeinOnline.

In addition to the titles found in the former ABA Package Plan, the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals includes 44 titles that were previously unavailable to non-members of specific American Bar Association sections; these new titles are available as full color PDFs! Each week, newly available issues are added to HeinOnline, ensuring that subscribers have access to the most current material possible. New issues from the remaining 54 titles in this collection will be added in color with the start of each new volume, enhancing the appearance of HeinOnline's user-friendly, fully searchable database:

This new collection not only eliminates the cost associated with the circulation of the print material, but also allows for concurrent access to the most current ABA legal periodicals across your entire organization! If you haven't taken advantage of this fantastic new partnership, contact your sales representative or marketing@wshein.com today. For questions aboutsearching or using HeinOnline, contact our Support Team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us!