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Kaylyn Zurawski

Last year we began posting monthly updates to our World Constitutions Illustrated Library on our Hein Blog. You can view those posts here. We will now post these updates here, on our HeinOnline Blog. We have continued to send quarterly e-mail updates regarding new documents, new titles, and new linking in the World’s Constitutions Illustrated library.

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With the March release**, 54 new documents, including numerous recent releases and 32 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.

  • The Constitution of 1988 was amended again by Amendment No. 85 of 26 February 2015
  • Two publications in the Official Gazette: an original and a correction version as well as the corrected version from the Chamber of Deputies and the Presidency
  • Consolidated Portuguese text from the Senate, Presidency and Chamber of Deputies
  • Consolidated text to Amendment No. 84 of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as the 17 amending laws from the period 2000-2004
Costa Rica
  • Two Spanish consolidated texts. The current/latest text as amended to 2011 (our own translation was updated in 2012) and as amended to 1995
  • Editorial difficulties in the presentation of the text Constitution of 1990 as croatiaamended have now been resolved by the Constitutional Court in a new edition of the text of 2014




    • The English translation of the Court is still in preparation
    • On the occasion of the amendment to Art. 62 concerning marriage brought into effect by the Decision of the Court of 14 January 2014, following the popular initiative of the previous month, it was discovered that the consolidated text published in the Official Gazette of 2010 had been erroneously numbered from Art 53ff. The new edition corrects this error and makes other adjustments based on the Report of the Court No. U-X-1435/2011 of 23 March 2011
  • Arabic text of the Constitution of 1952 as amended to 2011 (the English translation of the Parliament was previously added). The Constitution was amended again on 1 September 2014, but the consolidated texts in Arabic and English have yet to be updated
  • The original Macedonian text from the Official Gazette of the Constitution of 1991
  • The texts of the 21 amending laws of the period 1940-1949, all from the Official Gazette
  • Our own translation of the Constitution of 1838 of Nicaragua. Our basic collection of translations of the principal constitutional texts of Nicaragua is now complete
Slovak Republic
  • The Constitution of 1992 was amended again by Constitutional Law No. slovakrepublic 306/2014 of 21 October 2014. Included is the text of the amending law and two editions of the consolidated text in Slovak, and the consolidated text in English


New Titles:

Following are notable new titles available this month:

8 Volume Set– History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 (1767) – David Hume
5 Volume Set – Debates and Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Delaware (1958) – Charles G. Guyer & Edmond C. Hardesty
4 Volume Set – Projet of a Constitution for the State of Louisiana with Notes and Studies (1954)
3 Volume Set – Historia Constitucional da Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brasil (1894-1895) – Felisbello Freire
3 Volume Set – Commentary on the Commercial Code of Japan (1913) – J.E. De Becker
1 Volume Set – Leviathan; or, the Matter, Forme, and Power of a Common-Wealth, Eccelsiasticall and Civill (1651) – Thomas Hobbes

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**There was no update for World Constitutions Illustrated in February