Introducing a New ScholarCheck Author Ranking Metric!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has added an exciting new metric to its ScholarCheck author rankings! In addition to calculating the number of times an author has been cited by other articles in HeinOnline, by cases, and the number of times accessed in the past 12 months, the number of times an author has been cited only by articles published in the past 10 years will now be calculated. Each metric will account for one quarter of the author's overall ScholarRank.

This new scoring metric was influenced by Washington and Lee University's law journal ranking methodology, which is explained in detail here, as well as Dr. Ronen Perry's article in Connecticut Law Review, The Relative Value of American Law Reviews: Refinement and Implementation. The basic premise is to give more current material additional weight, thereby preventing bias in favor of long-published journals. As Dr. Perry states in his article, rankings "must be based on citation frequency of issues published in recent years," in order to "avoid bias in favor of older journals and guarantee responsiveness to quality changes."

Authors' ScholarRank scores have changed as the result of adding this new metric. For example, Roscoe Pound was formerly ranked fourth on the list of the top 250 authors. Adding the new metric caused his ranking to drop to eighth place. Although he is cited by 8,084 articles overall, making him the sixth most cited author in total, he was cited only 1,188 times by articles written in the past 10 years. Alternatively, legal historian Paul Finkelman, who has been cited by 1,243 total articles, is ranked at 496 in the cited-by article category. He has been cited 648 times by articles written in the past 10 years, which caused his overall ScholarCheck ranking to improve from 430 to 360.

Like other ScholarCheck metrics, this new currency factor can be found on each author's profile page:

Profile pages can be accessed by clicking an author's name from search results:

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The list of the top 250 authors based on the four ScholarRank metrics can be viewed on the HeinOnline homepage here. These metrics are updated monthly with each HeinOnline content release. If you have not yet enhanced your author profile page, fill out this form, available in the Services section of the HeinOnline homepage:

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