HeinOnline's World Constitutions Illustrated: A Constitutional Powerhouse!

Exploring HeinOnline, World Constitutions Illustrated
Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline's World Constitutions Illustrated is the most complete source available for current and historical constitutions! Like most collections in HeinOnline, World Constitutions Illustrated will continue to grow, thanks especially to the collection's dedicated editor, Jef Ruchti.

Earlier this month, this blog post from slaw.ca ranked WCI as the best commercial database for locating constitutional texts. According to the post's author, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, "This database is useful for original texts, consolidated texts (“amended as of xxx date”), and amending laws (as published in official gazettes or other government sources)."

World Constitutions Illustrated includes:

  • Current and historical constitutions for every country – nearly 10,000 constitutional documents as of July 2015!
  • Thousands of books on constitutional law, some with specific chapters tied to certain countries
  • Thousands of articles related to constitutional development
  • Bibliographies of constitutional monographs
  • More than 3.5 million pages of content!

World Constitutions Illustrated is updated each month with new content, ensuring the most current documents are available for HeinOnline subscribers. Check out the June WCI Update, which lists newly available content. For instance, the Mexican Constitution was amended recently, and we have included the amending laws from the Diario Oficial as well as our own current translation. Click on Mexico to view the most current consolidated texts:

In addition to constitutional documents, this collection is regularly updated with relevant books. Simply click Books, Periodicals and Other Related Works to browse the available titles:

The depth and variety of materials available in the World Constitutions Illustrated make it easy to see why this collection won the 2010 Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title award. This prestigious award is given based on overall excellence in presentation and scholarship, importance relative to other available topical literature, originality and uniqueness, and overall value to undergraduate students.

If you are interested in adding this collection to your HeinOnline subscription, please contact your sales representative or our Marketing Team. For help using this collection or for general HeinOnline searching questions, please contact the HeinOnline Support Team at (800) 277-6995, e-mail, or chat with us!