Getting Started with HeinOnline: New Quick Reference Guide Available

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Shannon Sabo

Last week, HeinOnline released its updated interface! So far, feedback has been mostly positive; however, we realize that with any change, there is an adjustment period.

In order to make this transition as easy as possible for our users, we have created a Getting Started in HeinOnline Quick Reference Guide to help users adjust to the changes we've made.


Enhancements to the interface include a stationary search bar which is available on all pages in HeinOnline:

The interface is now responsive, and therefore extremely mobile friendly! Search options have been reordered based on usage, and other options, including MyHein, are neatly grouped at the top right side of the screen:


The page view is clean and updated, with an enhanced image toolbar. A new, easily recognizable home button is located at the top left side of all pages in HeinOnline and will return users to the Welcome Page when clicked. The table of contents for every document is displayed automatically. Citation information is available by clicking the book icon located above the table of contents, the breadcrumb trail continues to be available for easy navigation, and the section being viewed is still highlighted:

Add up to six search fields and pre-select titles and a year range using the updated Advanced Search tool:

Display of search results is clean and easy to use. Facets remain on the left side of the page and options, such as PDF/Download and MyHein, are neatly grouped on the right:

We are in the process of updating all training materials available on our help page. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the interface enhancements or searching in HeinOnline, please contact our Support Team at (800) 277-6995, or via e-mail or Live Chat. We look forward to working with you!