World Constitutions Illustrated
Kaylyn Zurawski

With the July release, 65 new documents and 12 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.



  • 24 documents have been added:

    • The process of including all the amending laws to the Constitution of 1920/1929/1930/1945 begins this month



  • The Constitution of 1991 was amended by two Legislative Acts of June and July 2015, the second of which is a major and lengthy reform 
  • The text of the amending laws in Spanish
  • We are beginning to add our current/latest translation and the texts of amending laws not previously in WCI: the first installment includes those from 2005-2008


Dominican Republic

  • The Constitution of 2010 was amended by the Revisory Assembly on 13 June 2015. We have updated our translation correspondingly



  • The Basic Law for the Federal Republic was amended again on 23 December 2014
  • The print edition of the German text of the Bundestag



  • The Constitution of 1917 has been amended again, by Decrees published in the Diario Oficial of 2 July and 10 July 2015. We include the text of the amending laws from the Diario Oficial, and 4 versions of the Spanish text
  • We have updated our own current/latest translation, twice, correspondingly



  • The Constitution of 1814, in its revised version of 2014, was amended on 1 June 2015
  • We include the Norwegian consolidated texts, and the amending law in Norwegian and English


Sri Lanka

  • We include the Tamil text of the Seventeenth Amendment Act of 2001



  • We include the Swedish text of the amending law of 2010 to the Instrument of Government


United Kingdom

  • A new document has been added: the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (Cap. 30)


New Titles

Following are notable titles available this month:

4 Volume SetHistory of Liberty (1853) – Samuel Eliot

2 Volume SetHistoire des Institutions Monarchiques de la France sous les Premiers Capetiens (987-1180) (1891) – Achille M. Luchaire

Constitution of the Republic of Mexico, and of the State of Coahuila & Texas: Containing Also an Abridgement of the Laws of the General and State Governments, Relating to Colonization (1832) 

Constitucion Politica para la Confederacion Granadina (1858)

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New Hampshire, December, 1876 (1877)


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