Cite Checking in HeinOnline

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Benjamin Boron

In December of 2013, HeinOnline partnered with Fastcase to bring case law to HeinOnline subscribers free of charge! Because of this partnership, HeinOnline users have access to additional primary research sources, and are able to use both primary and secondary research materials without leaving the database.

Case law powered by Fastcase includes access to Fastcase's negative treatment indicator, called Bad Law Bot. This indicator displays a red flag on cases that courts have treated negatively (i.e., reversed or overruled on any grounds):

For users who have synchronized their existing Fastcase accounts with HeinOnline, or have upgraded their subscription to include Fastcase Premium, this indicator becomes a link that reveals the cases that have treated the current case negatively:

In addition to the negative treatment indicator, HeinOnline has integrated ScholarCheck with case law powered by Fastcase. Hein’s ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features available throughout various HeinOnline libraries. These features allow users to view journal articles and cases that have a heavy influence on the subject being researched. ScholarCheck information will appear on the top left side of cases, and displays articles that cite the current case. Fastcase Premium subscribers will also see cases that cite the current case:

Clicking either link will reveal the list of articles or cases that cite the current case:

ScholarCheck also enables users to check the revelance and credibility of an article in its peer group. This information, when applicable, is displayed on the right side of each search result, as shown in the above image. From inside a HeinOnline document, click the mortarboard (graduation cap) icon to display this information:

If you have any questions about citation features in HeinOnline, or about searching and using HeinOnline in general, please contact our dedicated HeinOnline support team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us