Current ABA Content and HeinOnline Tools Combine to Create Exceptional Value

American Bar Association, HeinOnline
Shannon Furtak

Recently, HeinOnline partnered with the American Bar Association to bring our customers the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals. This library includes digital access to the current content of all titles from the former ABA Package Plan, as well as access to 44 subject-specific titles that were previously only available to section members. As an added bonus, these 44 titles and new volumes of the ABA Package Plan are available in HeinOnline as full color PDFs!

ABA content is added to HeinOnline just shortly after receipt, making HeinOnline the ideal platform for this material.

Content Management Tools

Users can be alerted instantly when new content is added for selected titles by setting up electronic table of contents alerts with their MyHein account. Simply create a MyHein account and navigate to a title, or perform a catalog search for a title.

Click the title, and on the resulting screen, select Create eTOC Alert:

Each time a new issue of your selected title is added to HeinOnline, you will receive an e-mail containing the table of contents and links to each article in the issue.

The amount of content available and the currency of ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, combined with the power of HeinOnline's image-based, fully searchable interface, create an incredible value. At a cost of about $10 per title annually, it's also an extremely affordable option for all libraries.

Contact your sales representative or our Marketing Team today if you are interested in subscribing to this collection! Already a subscriber? Contact our HeinOnline Support Team for assistance with searching and navigating in HeinOnline. Call (800) 277-6995 or chat with us today!