In-Depth Indexing Added to the Federal Register!

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Shannon Sabo

We are pleased to announce that HeinOnline has indexed the Federal Register to the section level with this month's content release! Section types include proposed rules, rules and regulations, and notices.

Material from 1995 to date, as well as all future Federal Registers added to HeinOnline, will have this enhanced indexing which will drastically improve both browsability and search result accuracy. The indexing added more than 675,000 tags for this 20-year period; metadata fields added include agency, action type, title, FR DOC number, and more.

For example, if you are searching for FR DOC # 2014-00322, and you know that this appears in Federal Register volume 79 number 8, you can quickly navigate to this issue and view the table of contents. You will be able to easily locate the pages on which this document begins and ends:

Searchability is also drastically improved with this additional indexing. Running a text search for "FR DOC 2014-00322" displays the search result at the section level, when previously it would have been at the issue level, forcing the user to further search for the document:

Topical searching is also greatly improved. Instead of receiving search results at the issue level, results are now available for individual sections. For instance, searching the Federal Register for "health and human services" AND "prescription drugs" and limiting years from 2013 to current produces these results. Multiple results now displayed for each issue, reflecting where the search terms occur within each section instead of at the much broader issue level. Facets now include Agency and Action, making it easier to refine search results:

Printing/downloading at the section level is also simplified. Users no longer have to page through each section to determine its start and end points; instead, simply click the red PDF icon from either search results or the page view screen to instantly download the current section:

Search results:

Page view screen:

The enhanced indexing now available in the Federal Register follows closely on the heels of our announcement about indexing the HeinOnline Session Laws collection to the chapter or act level from inception to current! Thus far, the following states have been indexed:

  • California 2005-current
  • Florida 2005-current
  • Illinois 2005-current
  • Indiana 2005-current
  • Louisiana 2005-current
  • Maryland 2005-current
  • Massachusetts 2005-current
  • Minnesota 2005-current
  • Mississippi 2005-current
  • New York 2005-current
  • Ohio 2005-current
  • Pennsylvania 2005-current
  • Rhode Island 2005-current
  • South Carolina 2005-current
  • Texas 2005-current

This project will continue until all states have been completed. Late last year, we added programmatic indexing to the entire United States Code to drastically improve the usability of this collection.

We continue to honor our commitment to excellence with enhancements like these, combined with outstanding customer service. If you have questions about HeinOnline searching, content, or navigation, please contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us!