New Video Available: Create an eTOC Alert

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Shannon Furtak

Would you like to be alerted as soon as new material for a title becomes available in HeinOnline? ElectronicTable of Contents (eTOC) Alerts are an easy way to manage your online collections, and they ensure that you will never miss a new issue of your selected titles. Alerts are sent to users as soon as content is uploaded to HeinOnline.

For a short video tutorial on how to set up eTOC alerts in HeinOnline, please see below or click this link!

Simply create a MyHein account and navigate to the desired title using the A-Z index from the top of a collection homepage:

You can also locate the title using the Catalog search option from the HeinOnline Welcome Page:

Click the title from either location, and then choose Create eTOC Alert from the resulting screen:

This will save the eTOC alert to your MyHein account, and you will receive an e-mail containing the table of contents of all new issues added to the selected title, along with links to each article:

For help searching or navigating in HeinOnline, please contact our dedicated HeinOnline Support Team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us!