Streamlined PDF Download Option Now Available!

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has long enjoyed a reputation of being extremely responsive to its customers’ feedback. Recently, a user tweeted that it was more difficult than necessary to obtain and use PDFs from HeinOnline. We followed up with him via e-mail and received some excellent suggestions to help us make accessing PDFs easier for users.

We are pleased to introduce the “instant PDF download” feature of HeinOnline as the direct result of this customer’s tweet! From search results or from inside a HeinOnline document, simply click the red PDF icon to instantly download a PDF of the desired section, provided the section does not exceed 200 pages. Previously, this PDF icon resulted in a print/download options screen.

Search Results

Inside a HeinOnline Document

Note that if the section exceeds 200 pages, the user will be reverted back to the print/download options screen:

Users can also access the print/download options screen that was previously available with the PDF icon by using this new download icon, available both in search results and from inside any HeinOnline document:

The print/download options screen allows users to select custom page ranges, print or download a PDF to a HeinOnline-authenticated mobile device using a QR code, choose between PDF and text formats, or save the document to Dropbox:

Questions about printing and downloading HeinOnline documents? Visit our help page for FAQs, training guides, and more. Contact our dedicated HeinOnline support team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us!