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Kaylyn Zurawski

With the September release, 52 new documents and 17 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.


  • 13 documents have been added including the amending laws to the Constitution for 1945-1959.


  • 4 documents have been added. Professor Rosenn has updated all of his translations and commentaries through Amendment No. 90 of this September.


  • We have added an English translation of the Constitution of 1947 as amended to 1961.


  • The English translation of the Pan American Union/OAS of the Constitution of 1925 as amended to 1967 has been added.


  • We have added an English translation of the Constitution of 1975, from the semi-official Foreign Language Press. This provides a variant to the translation from 1 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 28 of 1977 which has been part of WCI since the outset.

Czech Republic

  • 3 documents have been added concerning the Constitution of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic of 1960: the original text in English translation, and the Czech texts of Constitutional Acts Nos. 143 and 144 amending it.


  • The English translation of the Pan American Union/OAS of the Constitution of 1945 as returned to force in 1972 has been added.

The Gambia

  • We have replaced our original text of the Constitution of 1970 (the independence constitution) of the Government Printer with a cleaner copy.


  • 6 documents have been added, in Spanish, concerning the period 1823-1839.


  • The Judicial Power has now provided a consolidated Spanish text of the current Constitution of 1982 as amended to 2013. It clarifies certain textual issues resultinf from a decision of unconstitutionality concerning certain provisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of 11 November 2007. Our own current/latest translation is bein adjusted correspondingly. Previously, we have used the 1982 translation of the PAU/OAS as a basis, adding to this our own translations of articles altered by the subsequent 40 amending laws. Our new translation is being totally revised, and will be complete for either the November or December release.
  • In addition to the consolidated Spanish text we have added the texts of Decrees Nos. 106-2011 and 88-2012 amending the Constitution (the first the amending decree, the second the ratifying decree of the subsequent legislature).


  • This new Constitution of Nepal 2072 (corresponding to 2015) was promulgated and entered into force on 20 September 2015. We add the official NEpali text and the English translation.


  • 3 documents have been added: the text of the 1935 Constitution with the amendments of 1940 appended; the Provisional or "Freedom" Constitution of 1986, and the original text of the Constitution of 1987 from the Constitutional Commission of 1986.


  • An English translation of the Constitution of 1952 as amended to 1963 has been added. WCI now has three variant translations of this particular text.


  • The Federal Parliament has now updated the current/latest consolidated text of the Constitution of 1999/2000 to account for the amendments adopted at the referedum of 14 June 2015. We add the consolidated text in English, French, German and Italian, and the texts of the two amending laws in French, German and Italian.


  • The English translation of the Council of State of the Constitution of B.E. 2540 (corresponding to 1997) has been included.


  • We have added an additional English translation of the original text of the Constitution of 1974, this of the Secretariat of Information of the Federal Assembly.


New Titles

Following are notable titles available this month:

12 Volume set – Proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York, April Fourth to September Twenty-Sixth, 1967 (1967)

2 Volume set – Threat to the Peace: North Viet-Nam's Effort to Conquer South Viet-Nam (1961)

Constitution, or Frame of Government, for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1787)

Constitution of the United States & State of New York, with the Amendments to Each (1831)


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