November's Featured Library: American Indian Law Collection

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Shannon Furtak

November is Native American Heritage Month, and we would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of the incredible contributions that Native Americans have made to our daily life in the United States and to various cultures around the world. We would also like to highlight the wealth of material available in HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection, and offer an unprecedented discount in order to give all of our customers the chance to acquire this valuable collection.

Native American Contributions

Indian governments served as models of federated representative democracy for Europeans and for American colonists; the United States Constitution borrowed many principles from the Iroquois Constitution.

Medical knowledge, including the fabrication of sophisticated surgical instruments and the treatment of fractures and dislocated bones, was prevalent in Native American culture. Their impressive knowledge of plants led to the ability to anesthetize and sedate people before performing surgery, in sharp contrast to their European counterparts. Additionally, some European colonists survived solely due to Native American teachings of survival methods and farming techniques.

Many states, cities, rivers, and more have names derived from American Indian words. Native Americans domesticated many edible plants, including corn, potatoes, pumpkins and avocados. Indians also developed cotton, rubber, and tobacco plants. American Indians are responsible for a plethora of amenities still extremely relevant today, such as chewing gum, freeze drying, chocolate, vanilla, popcorn, moccasins, camouflage, syringes, dental care, ball games, and parkas.

HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection

HeinOnline's American Indian Law Collection was created from a desire to consolidate the wealth of material available on American Indian Law, and to share the tremendous influence that Native Americans and their cultures have had on modern society.

Notable titles included in this collection:

The Constitution, Acts & By-Laws subcollection includes more than 300 works related to Constitutions and laws of American Indian tribes, such as:

The collection also includes subject-specific scholarly articles and compiled federal legislative histories, as well as Title 25 (Indians) for both the Code of Federal Regulations and the United States Code. Browse the content in HeinOnline's easy-to-use, familiar format:

Easily search in this collection using the stationary one-box search tool or the Advanced Search link:

We will continue to expand this collection, with both new titles and updates to currently available material. Consider this four-year growth:

  • In November of 2011, this collection contained 795 titles, 1,759 volumes, and 767,723 pages.
  • Today, this collection contains 1,387 titles, 2,670 volumes, and nearly 1.1 million pages.
Special Offer

We'd like to make sure all of our users are able to afford this collection. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we will be offering an unprecedented 30% discount off of the list price. If you are not currently a subscriber, contact our marketing team today to request a quote or trial.

If you're already subscribed to this collection and need some help navigating or searching the database, contact our dedicated HeinOnline Team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or chat with us!