HeinOnline, World Constitutions Illustrated
Kaylyn Zurawski

With the September release, 37 new documents and 11 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.


  • We have added the text and the amending law from the Official Gazette, the amending law and the consolidated text from the Library of the National Congress, and have updated our own current/latest translation correspondingly

Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)

  • We include the final text from the Official Gazette, as well as the draft text as provided by the Embassy of the Congo in Washington DC
  • 8 constitutional texts in French from 1963-1997 from the Constitutional Court


  • To our collection of editions of the Constitution of 1791, we include an English translation made in the same year


  • 15 constitutional documents have been added, in Spanish, concerning the period 1851-1944, most concerning the Constitutive Law of 1879/80 and its amendments


  • The office of the Prime Minister (Taoiseach) has now made available the current/latest diglot text of the Constitution of 1937 as amended to the 34th Amendment Act (Marriage Equality) of 2015


  • A rare book is added to our collection of the original text of the Constitution of 1949/50. This is a hand-illuminated edition of the text housed in the Parliament Library


  • We add an original Danish text of the Constitution of 4 November 1814 (still the current text)


  • An English translation of the Constitution Law of 17 October 1992 (the "Little Constitution") has been included


  • 2 Spanish texts have been added: of the Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy of 1837; and of the Constitution of the Spanish Republic of 1931


  • A Dutch translation of the Constitution made by the LLOC has been added


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