Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: Did You Know…?

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Marci Hoffman

You probably know that the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is one of the many research tools available on HeinOnline.  But did you know these fun facts about IFLP?

  • It’s the only multilingual legal journal index in the WORLD!
  • The scope of coverage is broader than you think – it covers domestic law from many jurisdictions (China, Germany, South Africa, United States, and many more), international law, and comparative law.
  • Here are some numbers: over 700 journals are indexed and over 52,000 full-text articles are linked to the Index.
  • The Index covers 26 languages.  You can search keywords in English or in one of the 26 languages!

The IFLP Advisory Board decides what journals to add each year.  These journals will be indexed soon:

  • British Journal of American Legal Studies
  • Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
  • Medicine and Law
  • Russia Law Journal
  • Journal of Comparative Law in Africa

The IFLP’s editorial team and Hein are constantly working to add more content, link to more full-text articles, expand the jurisdictional and topical coverage, and make the historical content fully searchable (currently, you can search the Index back to 1984). 

Interested in suggesting a journal for the Index?  Send your suggestions to me at  I’ll make sure your suggestion is considered in an upcoming round of journals for consideration. 

Quick Tip…

Do you have international moot court team at your school?  Perhaps Jessup, Vis, Jean-Pictet, African Human Rights? 

If so, don’t forget to show your students IFLP – it could put your team over the top!   The coverage in IFLP makes it an ideal resource for these competitions. 

Here are a couple of examples from current moot court competitions:

An article on security exceptions in international courts and tribunals, it’s published in a German law journal and it’s in English (there’s no way your students would find this article by using the usual research tools).


Or, need an article on what happens when a country denounces the ICSID Convention?  Here’s a good analysis published in the Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law.


If you have questions about IFLP, please let me know ( For help using HeinOnline, contact their support team at (800) 277-6995, via e-mail, or live chat.