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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has a wealth of resources available to help you with searching and navigating in the database. From a help page to live, personalized training sessions, we have what you need to get started using HeinOnline and to advance your legal research skills to the next level!

Our help page is a great place to get answers to frequently asked questions, download or view training guides, and watch helpful videos about HeinOnline's interface and tools.

This page is fully searchable and incorporates our blog, which also contains helpful hints, search tips, and new content and feature information. For example, to find information about ScholarCheck, simply type ScholarCheck into the search bar:

Results will include blog posts and pages from which discuss ScholarCheck.

Check out some of the training guides we've updated recently!

We've also added several new videos:

The help page can be accessed from the Help drop-down menu in the options bar located on upper right side of any screen in HeinOnline. Also available from this drop-down menu are our Live Chat, Contact Information, Feedback, FAQs, the HeinOnline Blog, and the Comprehensive User's Guide: