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Kaylyn Zurawski

With the September release, 46 new documents and 14 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.
  • 26 documents have been added. Most of these related to the colonial history of Australia from 1787 to 1900
  • Five texts of the Constitution of 1900 have also been added, two in French
  • The Consitution was amended for the third time this year by Law No. 20/870 of 9 November 2015. We have added the text and the amending law from the Official Gazette, the amending law and the consolidated text from the Library of National Congress, and have updated our own current/latest translation correspondingly
  • The Constitution of 1978 was amended by the Act No. 4 of 2014, affecting nine Sections. We include the amending law and the commencement order
  • We add our own current/latest revised translation of the Constitution of 1982 as amended. The Spanish text was added in October. Rendering the text proved a difficult task, in light of decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras
  • The Constitution of 1979 was amended for the second time by Act No. 8 of 2013 amending two Sections. We include the text of the amending law
  • The Constitution of 2008 was amended on 22 July 2014. The Burmese text of the amending law has been added; an English translation if not yet available
  • The Interim Constitution of 2014 was amended on 15 July 2015. We include the Thai text and an English translation of the amending law. We have also included two additional editions of the original text of 2014
  • The Constitution of 1992 was amended on 16 April 2014. The Government has now provided the consolidated text in English, Kazakh, Russian, Tajik and Uzbek. We have also added the amending law in Russian


New Titles

Following are notable titles available this month:

2 Volume Set Official Report of the Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled at Salt Lake City on the Fourth Day of March, 1895, to Adopt a Constitution for the State of Utah (1898)

Address of the Convention, for Framing a New Constitution of Government, for the State of Massachusetts-Bay, to their Constituents (1780)

Constitution Francaise: Presentee au Roi le 3 Setembre 1791, et Acceptee par Sa Majeste le 14 du Meme Mois (1791)

Chapters on the Early Government of Connecticut; with Critical and Explanatory Remarks on the Constitution of 1639 (1882)

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