Two New Features Now Available!

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Shannon Furtak

It’s been a busy year, but we couldn’t let December slip by without adding two new features to HeinOnline!

Code of Federal Regulations

When using the Title/Part/Section Quick Locator from the CFR collection homepage to access 2015 CFR material, additional information will display in the red box indicating where the cited section was affected in the Federal Register. For example, select 2015, Title 5, Part 531:

Clicking the link will direct users to the Federal Register section in which the CFR citation is referenced:

When applicable, search results will also display a link to where a CFR section is affected:

Clicking the link results in links to each section of the Federal Register that pertain to the CFR part and a CFR Sections Affected Locator, which can be used to enter any 2015 CFR title and part to determine what, if any, sections of the Federal Register affected that part:

This tool is also available from the CFR collection homepage:

This tool goes back to January 2015, and will be regularly updated moving forward.

Law Journal Library

The Select Titles tool, as well as subject and citation selector features in the Advanced Search tool, have been updated. In addition to selecting specific titles, subjects, and citations in which to search from the drop-down list, users can now type information into a search bar for faster access. For example:

This Law Journal Library enhancement is the result of a thoughtful suggestion from Mary Whisner from the University of Washington’s Gallagher Law Library. Thanks, Mary! We always encourage our customers to give us feedback on features of HeinOnline they’d like to see improved or added.

For questions about these enhancements or for assistance searching or navigating in HeinOnline, contact our support team at (800) 277-6995, via email, or chat with us!