New Journal is Dedicated to the History of International Law

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Benjamin Boron

Jus Gentium Journal of International Legal History, published by Talbot Publishing an imprint of the Lawbook Exchange LTD, is the first journal in the United States dedicated to addressing the history of international law. Much modern scholarship on the history of international law is preoccupied not with international law, but with the international legal doctrine; the doctrinal writings of remarkably few individuals dominate the discourse while the rest remain unseen or overlooked. Jus Gentium encourages the further exploration in the archives for new materials and confirmation of the accuracy of past accounts, while simultaneously welcoming the reassessment of international legal history in all dimensions.

Also included with a subscription to Jus Gentium are these four titles from the Lawbook Exchange:

1. On the History of International Law and International Organization: Collected Papers of Sir Paul Vinogradoff, William E. Butler, Editor

  • Justly famous as a historian and comparative lawyer, Vinogradoff [1854-1925] also wrote on public international law. This volume collects most of his most important contributions to this field.

2. The Nakaz of Catherine the Great: Collected Texts, William E. Butler and Vladimir A. Tomsinov, Editors

  • Catherine the Great composed the Nakaz, a new code of laws for the Russian Empire. This edition contains the Russian, French, German, Latin, and two contemporary English translations, biographical notes, and a bibliography.

3. Adventures in Internationalism: A Biography of James Brown Scott, George Finch & William E. Butler, Editors

  • A compelling study of Scott’s work as secretary of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and guiding force behind the American Society of International Law.

4. On the Freedom of the Sea: Edited from the unpublished manuscript of Peter Stephen Du Ponceau, with an extensive introduction by William E. Butler, Joseph-Mathias Gerard de Rayneval

  • Transcribed by William E. Butler into English for the first time, from Du Ponceau’s hand, a translation of Gerard de Rayneval’s On the Freedom of the Sea. A previously overlooked and unpublished contemporary translation by Peter S. Du Ponceau of the classic treatise  which affirmed the principles of natural and positive law applicable to maritime warfare from a French perspective deeply sympathetic to American views of the time.

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