Books are Still Incredibly Relevant

Law Librarianship, News
Shannon Furtak

The internet is fantastic. You can figure out who sang that one-hit wonder you can't get out of your head, quickly determine the exact wording of Scrabble rules, and access millions of pages of law review articles with a swipe of your thumb.

There is still magic, however, in opening a book. Whether the book is brand new, old and musty, or somewhere in between, there is something exhilarating about opening and smelling its pages and discovering the wealth of information they contain. In addition to creating HeinOnline, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. publishes (and loves!) printed books.

One such title, Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Case Studies and Insights edited by Michelle Wu, recently received a glowing review in Law Library Journal. Written by Adeen Postar, Law Library Director at the University of Baltimore School of Law, the review states that "This book should be required reading for every law librarian, as well as law school administrators and faculty." It discusses information contained in each of the book's four parts:

  • General advice
  • Unwritten roles
  • Service contributions
  • Developing issues

The book is organized around a series of fictional case studies depicting realistic and sometimes bizarre problems faced by law library directors. Responses are provided by a myriad of successful sitting law library directors from law libraries around the country, including Harvard, Catholic University, and the University of Houston.

The book's editor, Michelle Wu, is Law Library Director and Professor of Law at the Georgetown Law Library. She says of Academic Law Library Director Perspectives: Case Studies and Insights:

"I consider myself very fortunate in my career, in that I’ve had regular opportunities to work with some of the giants in our field as well as newer visionaries pushing boundaries in data mining, privacy, and information delivery. Perspectives is my attempt to share that good fortune with others, and I thank the book’s wonderful chapter authors who made the book a possibility.  I hope that readers find Perspectives useful and thought-provoking, and they discover in it a helping hand in understanding the nuances of directorship when they need it."

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