New Ranking Metric and Sorting Options Added to HeinOnline’s Author Profiles

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline’s Author Profile Pages allow users to view an author’s list of articles and ScholarCheck rankings. Metrics used to calculate an author’s overall ScholarCheck ranking already included the number of times that author’s articles have been cited by other articles, by articles written only in the past 10 years, and by cases, along with the number of times the articles have been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period.

Thanks to a great suggestion from Marie Hamm, the Assistant Director for Collection Development and Adjunct Professor at the Regent University School of Law, author rankings now include a new metric, which counts the number of times an author’s articles have been cited by articles written only within the past 12-24 months. This new currency factor enhances the rankings by considering what’s most relevant today in addition to the other metrics, which account for quantitative author influence.

This new metric is available in every author’s profile, along with other available information:

Adding the new metric caused several author rankings to shift in favor of authors cited by articles written most recently. For example, John C. Coffee Jr. was previously ranked fourth overall, but he’s been cited by 377 articles written in the past 12-24 months. That’s seventh overall in that category, so his ranking has now improved to third place. Frank Easterbrook moved from third to fourth place as his articles have been cited 337 times in the past two years. William N. Eskridge, Jr. improved from 14th place to 11th; some authors, like Louis Henkin, dropped several places due to the new currency factor. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who previously ranked 147th, has now improved to 138th place on the list.

Access ScholarRank’s Top 250 authors to see who is leading legal scholarship based on the five ranking metrics:

We have also added the ability to sort an author’s articles multiple ways from within the profile page. Previously, the default article display was by number of times cited by other articles and could not be changed. Sorting options now include volume date, document title, and number of times accessed:

Author profiles can be enhanced to include a photo, biographical information, and links to an author’s professional website and social media accounts. Authors and their followers can be alerted when new material by an author is added to HeinOnline, or when other scholars cite their material, by setting up email alerts from within any author’s profile:

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