Bonus Featured Library: History of Bankruptcy (Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III)

Exploring HeinOnline, History of Bankruptcy
Shannon Furtak

In addition to featuring Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II this month, we thought we would celebrate a much-anticipated spring by adding History of Bankruptcy (TERA Part III) as a second featured collection for April.

This collection focuses on bankruptcy in the United States, and contains an extensive collection of compiled legislative histories and books pertaining to this pervasive problem which affects millions of Americans each year. According to, these are the top 5 reasons people in America go bankrupt:

  • Medical expenses: About 62% of all bankruptcies result from the high cost of medical care. An overwhelming majority (78%) of such filers have health insurance but are still bankrupted by out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Job loss: Sudden loss of work for those without sufficient savings can cause a financial disaster.
  • Credit misuse: Out-of-control spending, excessive car loans, and installment debt can quickly spin out of control.
  • Divorce/separation: legal fees, child support/alimony and division of assets can financially strain all involved parties.
  • Unexpected expenses: Natural disasters, theft, and other catastrophes for those without adequate insurance can destroy finances completely.

Although bankruptcy filings were down from previous years, more than 26,000 business and nearly 885,000 non-business bankruptcies were filed in 2015. HeinOnline brings the foundation of bankruptcy legislation to one comprehensive database, enabling users to search across the full text and metadata of hundreds of titles related to the laws and concepts behind bankruptcy in the United States. Notable titles include:

A full list of titles included in this collection is available here.

Browse legislative histories by public law number or popular name. Use the features of Hein's ScholarCheck tool to quickly link between related documents, such as public laws, law review articles, and case law. To search across all bankruptcy-related legislative histories, select the Advanced Search link from beneath the main search bar:

From there, enter your search query and select History of Bankruptcy: Legislative History from the Select Document Type box:

Text matching your search criteria is highlighted in yellow; narrow results to a certain document type or title using the facets on the left side of the page. Sort search results by date or relevance, and use the tools to the right of each search result to print, download, email, or save documents to MyHein:

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