HeinOnline Is Old Enough to Drive…

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Shannon Furtak

Where will we go from here?

There are infinite possibilities as to how we can add content and features to the online research powerhouse that HeinOnline has become during the past 16 years. In a world where big business has taken over much of the publishing sector, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and HeinOnline have thrived as both an independent legal publisher and a locally owned and operated legal and academic research database. This weekend, we celebrated our Sweet 16, and took time to reflect on how much we've grown.

"Some of my favorite features that my team has worked on: implementing search facets, highlighting matching search terms within the search results, the various cite checking tools we've developed, programmatically indexing the U.S. Code, adding the Congressional Record Daily to Bound Locator, development of MyHein, and case law integration." -David Hastings, Lead Developer

Last year, on our 15th birthday, we blogged about where we started and how far we'd come. In just the past year, we updated our interface and added four new collections:

We added tools to enhance functionality, such as the instant PDF download option. We also added the ability to email a direct PDF link to a colleague or classmate, and the end user doesn't need HeinOnline authentication to access the document. Page scrolling was implemented, along with a new cite button which displays multiple citation formats. These citations can be copied, pasted, or exported to RefWorks or EndNote. Learn more about these two features here

Author Profile Pages have been updated several times, most recently with a new currency factor, which counts the number of times an article has been cited within the past 12-24 months. Users can opt to be alerted when new material by an author is added, or when an author's material is cited by material added to HeinOnline.


Links to the Oyez multimedia case law archive have been introduced to the U.S. Reports in the U.S. Supreme Court Library. We've added section-level indexing to the Federal Register from 1995 to current, and are in the process of indexing all state session laws to the chapter or act level. Many states already have this additional indexing available for the past 10 years, and our goal is to complete the entire archive by late next year.

We continue to add material to existing collections:

  • 135 new law journals
  • 1,088 new legal classics
  • 640 new compiled federal legislative histories
  • 13,000 new congressional hearings
  • Hundreds of CRS reports and committee prints 

HeinOnline currently contains more than 134 million pages, and we plan to continue adding more than a million pages each month.

Even though it's our birthday, we want to celebrate by giving our loyal customers a chance to win a HeinOnline birthday gift. Simply share your favorite HeinOnline experience, photograph, anecdote, or memory between now and May 31 using the hashtag #HOLSWEET16 to be entered to win one of 16 Yeti 30 ounce insulated tumblers—keep your coffee hot or your iced tea cold all day on us! Connect with us on Twitter, Instagramand Facebook, or email us your experience, which we can then share on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please contact our marketing team. We look forward to celebrating our birthday month with you!