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HeinOnline has a reputation as a go-to source for United States statutory documents and government publications, but the database also contains an incredible amount of content related to international law and international relations. In the Law Journal Library alone, nearly 700 journals are published outside of the United States. To find out which journals are published in each country, click Country from the browse options on the collection homepage:

Select any country for its corresponding list of journals.

Using the Browse Collections by Category option from the Welcome Page, expand any category for a list of relevant collections. In addition to the Foreign & International Law category, both Canada and the United Kingdom have content specific to each region:

Foreign & International Law
  • History of International Law contains hundreds of titles and more than a million pages dating back to 1690 on international law subjects such as War & Peace, the Nuremberg Trials, Law of the Sea, International Arbitration, Hague Conferences & Conventions, and much more.

  • U.S. International Trade features the exchange of goods and services between the United States and other nations, as well as the history of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930. This collection brings together nearly two million pages' worth of content. Included are USITC Publications Archive, trade-related legislative histories, CFR & U.S. Code Titles 15 and 19: Commerce & Foreign Trade and Customs Duties, and other notable relevant publications.

  • The World Treaty Library is a monumental collection bringing together compilations from Rohn, Dumont, Bevans, Martens, League of Nations, United States, and United Nations treaties into one easy-to-use and fully searchable database. Search a comprehensive treaty index by keywords, title, parties, sign date, or citation. Also included are hundreds of related treaty publications, scholarly articles chosen by our editors, and a bibliography of related publications. 

  • The United Nations Law Collection complements the World Treaty Library nicely, containing exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series, the League of Nations Treaty Series, the Monthly Statement of Treaties & International Agreements, UNCITRAL Publications, UNIDIR Publications, the United Nations Legislative Series and much more. Finding Aids and additional features make it easy to pull up a UN Treaty by entering a UNTS Citation, search for a UN Treaty, and link to law review articles that cite a UN Treaty:

  • The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is the preeminent multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in more than 500 legal journals published worldwide. It provides in-depth coverage of public and private international law, comparative and foreign law, and the law of all jurisdictions. IFLP also analyzes the contents of approximately fifty individually published collections of legal essays, Festschriften, Mélanges, and congress reports each year. Many of the titles indexed in IFLP are also available in HeinOnline, enabling researches to locate an article and access its full text instantly.

  • Foreign & International Law Resources Database (FILRD) and Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) are packaged together due to their related content. FILRD includes the publications of the American Society of International Law along with prominent Yearbooks from around the world, including the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series. It also includes U.S. Law Digests, International Tribunals/Judicial Decisions and more. FRUS presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. It is composed of more than 600 books beginning with Abraham Lincoln's administration in 1861 and continuing to the administration of Ronald Reagan in 1988.

  • World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents and Resources contains constitutions and constitutional histories for all countries of the world in an easy-to-use hierarchical platform. It also includes constitutional periodicals, thousands of classic books, other related works such as the World Fact Book, links to scholarly articles and online resources, and bibliographic references.  This collection won a 2010 Outstanding Academic Title award!

  • The World Trials Library contains thousands of trials, including complete sets of American State Trials, Howell's State Trials, and the Nuremburg Trials. It also includes famous trials from Philadelphia's Jenkins Law Library, Cornell University, and the University of Missouri-Columbia's trials collections. The library contains trial transcripts, critical court documents, and trial-related resources such as monographs which analyze and debate the decisions of famous trials, as well as biographies of many of the greatest trial lawyers in history. 

  • Law in Eastern Europe is a collection of books published by Brill. It has been digitized for the first time and made available via HeinOnline to Foreign & International Law Resources Database subscribers. This series of more than 60 titles showcases the development, enactment, and impact of the rule of law in Eastern Europe.

  • Hague Academy Collection Courses Online includes the complete archive of collected courses dating back to their inception in 1923, twelve periodic indexes, plus the official publications from the Workshops organized by the Academy. Many documents are multi-lingual, and this library can be browsed by subject or author.

Other international law-related collections include European Centre for Minority Issues, Harvard Research in International Law, International Commission of Jurists Library, International Law Association Reports, Israel Law Reports, Kluwer Law International Journal Library, Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law Publications, and the Philip C. Jessup Library. Click here for a list of all titles included in all HeinOnline libraries.

United Kingdom Law

HeinOnline also contains a wealth of content pertaining to law in the United Kingdom.

  • The English Reports was one of the earliest available HeinOnline libraries. This collection delivers exact page images of the original bound reprint edition, containing more than 100,000 cases, together with the Indexes and Book of Charts. In addition, multiple navigation tools, such as a Case Locator, Chart Tool, and an Advanced Search feature enhance the ease of access to specific cases. Also included in this collection is the Statutes of the Realm (1235-1713), and Pre-1865 Law Reports.

  • Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law includes the Selden Society Annual Series, Selden Society Supplementary Series and the Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society published in 1987. It also contains more than 220 English Legal History Classics including abridgements, digests and dictionaries. Moreover, you will be able to access early English case law and link to other online publications in early English history.

  • Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society includes the Stair Society Main (Annual) Series consisting of 53 volumes (1936-present), vols. 1-3 of the Stair Society Supplementary Series, as well as books, abridgments and links to scholarly articles from HeinOnline's Law Journal Library that discuss Scots law.

  • Statutes of the Realm is an authoritative collection of Acts of the Parliament of England from the earliest times to the Union of the Parliaments in 1707, and Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain passed up to the death of Queen Anne in 1714. 

The United Kingdom category also includes English, Irish and Scottish Law Reports.


HeinOnline has added a significant amount of Canadian-specific content (coincidentally, we also welcomed a Canadian developer to our team).

  • Acts of the Parliament of Canada (Annual Statutes) contains the full run of the Annual Statutes, which are published in both English and French.

  • Canada Supreme Court Reports contains the official bilingual series published under authority of the Supreme Court Act. This collection includes nearly 10,000 cases which include background information, statutes and regulations, authors cited, analysis, and the decision. 

  • Revised Statutes of Canada consists of complete coverage of all six revisions from the official printed volumes of the Revised Statutes of Canada in nearly 48,000 pages.


HeinOnline is an excellent source of international statutory documents, and contains both primary and secondary sources for a thorough international law and international relations research experience. If you'd like to add any of the above collections to your HeinOnline subscription, please contact our marketing team. For help searching or navigating, contact our support team at (800) 277-6995, email us, or chat with us!

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