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National Survey of State Laws, What's New
Shannon Furtak

We're excited to announce that the first update to National Survey of State Laws was part of our May HeinOnline content release, which is now available! A brand-new chapter was added, the chapter on Marijuana was updated, and two chapters that were removed between editions have been updated and reinstated.

Civil Shoplifting

Civil Shoplifting is a unique and little-known area of law which came to the attention of Professor Ryan Sullivan, a supervising attorney at the University of Nebraska's Civil Law Clinic, who authored this chapter. Many states have passed laws giving store owners the ability to pursue a civil action against accused shoplifters without requiring criminal prosecution. This new topic can be accessed here:


In the seventh edition of National Survey of State Laws, Marijuana was removed from the Illegal Drugs chapter and given its own treatment, as more states move toward decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. This chapter has already been updated in the database. Note that new and updated chapters are called out in the topic list:

Interest Rates and Medical Records

These two chapters appeared in the sixth edition, but were removed for various reasons before the seventh edition was published. They have been reinstated and will appear permanently in the database and future print editions.

If you need a refresher on searching and navigating in this incredible database, simply watch this short video:

If you prefer a printable reference tool, check out this guide, which will explain how to browse and search both the database and all prior print editions. Of course, our dedicated support team is here to answer your questions at (800) 277-6995, via email, or by live chat. If your organization hasn't yet experienced the wealth of information this resource has to offer, contact our marketing team for a quote or free trial today.




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