AALL 2016 Annual Meeting & Conference Recap

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Shannon Furtak

This year's AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Chicago was a whirlwind of updates, old friends, giveaways, and fun. It was great to catch up with everyone, and we're already planning ahead for Austin!

Steve Roses, Dan Rosati, Bonnie Hein, Tim Hooge, Shannon Squared, Dick Spinelli, Shane Marmion, Kevin Marmion

In case you missed Steve Roses' HeinOnline Update, you can download the slides from the presentation here. Of course, it won't be nearly as entertaining without Steve's emcee skills. Here's a summary of what we've done over the past year, and what's coming up soon in HeinOnline:

1. National Survey of State Laws

Rich Leiter's award-winning book is now published by Hein, and a companion database was released with the new 7th edition in January of this year. Both the book and the database versions provide an overall view of major and controversial legal topics in the United States. Database users can make basic state-by-state comparisons of current state laws among all or selected states, view laws as they existed among the three most recent editions, and download or print the comparison charts for quick reference.

View or download the brochure, a quick reference guide, or a helpful video about National Survey of State Laws.

2. Cataloging Legal Literature

There was standing room only for Melody Lembke and Melissa Beck as they presented the new 4th edition and database version of Cataloging Legal Literature. Both the new edition and database versions of this title contain nearly 20 years of updates, since the 3rd edition was published in 1997. The book is clearly a favorite among catalogers, and the excitement is palpable. Rumors have even been heard about shouts of joy interrupting quiet libraries when catalogers learn of the upcoming database release.

3. Subject Compilation of State Laws

Hein took over publication of this title with the new 2014-2015 edition and also updated its corresponding database, which won the AALL New Product Award in 2009. Users can view the most up-to-date bibliographic records for documents comparing state laws on hundreds of subjects, and most records provide extensive annotations. Many records link to documents in HeinOnline and beyond.

4. Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights

This HeinOnline collection was released in late 2015 and follows the evolution of animal rights through the years, containing material from the 1800s to date. The collection includes titles from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Animal Welfare Institute, important organizations which have been fighting for the rights of our furry friends since 1979 and 1951 respectively.

5. ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals

Publications from the ABA Center for Professional Development's National Institutes from 2012 to date have been added to this collection. These publications cover a wide range of subjects from Gaming Law to White Collar Crime, and are assembled annually by the faculty for these in-person programs and represent original analyses of legal developments.

6. Miscellaneous Content Updates

HeinOnline adds content at a rate of about 1 million pages monthly. Notable content updates over the past 12 months include a dramatic increase in the number of compiled legislative histories, the expansion of Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals to include 1984 in the database, about 130 titles added to the Law Journal Library, and more than 1,000 titles added to Legal Classics. More than 9,000 Congressional hearings were added to the U.S. Congressional Documents collection. Embargoes have also been removed for Restatements of the Law and various ALI-CLE titles.

7. Feature Updates

HeinOnline released its updated interface shortly after AALL 2015. The new interface is responsive, mobile-friendly, has a streamlined and user-friendly appearance, and features a stationary main search bar which is accessible from anywhere in the database. Author Profile Pages have been updated with a fifth ranking metric: the number of times an author has been cited by articles written within the past 12-24 months. The HeinOnline App was added to the Android platform, and the iOS version was also updated. New tools include an instant PDF download button and a direct PDF link email button. The end user of the PDF link does not need HeinOnline authentication to access the document, making this an ideal feature for students and those who work from home. Links to Oyez case audio, page scrolling, and a new cite button, which displays citations for documents in multiple formats which can be copied, pasted, or exported were also added.

8. Coming Soon

We announced a monumental new collection called Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law. This collection will contain more than 1,000 books and pamphlets.  Slavery statutes at the federal and state levels, slavery cases, related periodicals, and both historical and current books will join together to make this the most comprehensive legal collection devoted to slavery available. The collection's lead editor, Paul Finkelman, is a renowned expert on American legal history, constitutional law, race and the law, civil liberties, freedom of religion, the legal history of slavery, and more. Look for exciting announcements about this collection in the very near future.

HeinOnline and the American Bar Association have teamed up again to provide current access exclusively available through HeinOnline to Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases. Access to current content and a new case locator tool are just the beginning of the features that will be available in this new subscription model.

University of North Carolina Press titles will also be added free of charge to all U.S. Core subscriptions. More than 100 titles have been licensed, and will be distributed among subject-appropriate HeinOnline libraries, as well as contained in their own collection. We anticipate the release of these titles toward the end of August.

We'd also like to congratulate our giveaway winners:

  • iPad Pro: Heather Buckwalter, Creighton University School of Law
  • SONY Digital Paper: Judy Joseph, Brooklyn Law School
  • Asus Chromebook: Wendy Moore, University of Georgia School of Law

As always, stay tuned for more updates! Encourage your colleagues and students to follow our blog, our social media accounts, and to sign up for our newsletters to be kept up-to-date on all things HeinOnline! Contact our marketing team with questions or suggestions, or our support team for help searching and navigating in HeinOnline.


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