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Kaylyn Zurawski

With the June release, 45 new documents and 27 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.



  • The Russian text of the Constitution of 1995 as amended at the Referendum of 6 December 2015



  • We include the original Spanish text of the Constitution of 1823, as published by the Imprenta Nacional in 1824


Costa Rica

  • We added our own translation of the Political Constitution of 1844



  • Our own translation of the Bases of Political Organization of the Mexican Republic of 1843 has been added



  • The Government of Burma Act of 1935 has been included



  • 6 documents have been added



  • The Constitution of 1963 was amended by Law No. 6718 of 20 May 2016. We include the text of the amending law from the Resmi Gazete and the consolidated text of the Grand National Assembly, both in Turkish



  • The Constitution: Analysis and Interpretation, 2014 Supplement, covering cases decided by the Supreme Court to 1 July 2014 has been added



  • 8 documents have been added concerning the tumultous period of the transformation of Southern Rhodesia into Zimbabwe: 1965-1980


Independence Acts of Commonwealth States:

The following 17 Independence Acts have been included:

  • Barbados, 1966
  • Bahamas, 1973
  • Botswana, 1966
  • Fiji, 1970
  • Ghana, 1957
  • Gambia, 1964
  • Jamaica, 1962
  • Kenya, 1963
  • Matla, 1964
  • Mauritius, 1968
  • Malawi, 1964
  • Malaya, 1957
  • Swaziland, 1968
  • Trinidad & Tobago, 1962
  • Tanzania, 1961
  • Uggana, 1962
  • Zambia, 1964


Independence Orders of Commonwealth States:

  • Belize, Independence Order 1981 which included the original text of the Constitution of 1981
  • Gambia, Independence Order 1965, which included the original text of the Constitution of 1965
  • Kiribati, Independence Order 1979, which includes the original text of the Constitution of 1979


New Titles

Following are notable titles available this month:

4 Volume Set Eunomus: Or Dialogues concerning the Law and Constitution of England with an Essay on Dialogue (1774)

4 Volume SetRomisches Staatsrecht (1876-1888)

Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies, Demonstrated: Together with a Vindication of the Authority of Parliament (1766)

Essays Commercial and Political, on the Real and Relative Interests of Imperial and Dependent States, Particularly Those of Great Britain and Her Dependencies (1777)


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